About us

From Passion to Profession – Over a Decade of Bowling Excellence

An old Italian proverb says, “No one knows where the shoe pinches, except the one who wears it”. Like many bowling enthusiasts, Giampiero Sirianni learned this truth the hard way – A passionate bowler from a young age, his feet have spent quite some time in poorly ventilated and ill-fitting cheap bowling shoes. No wonder, then, that Sirianni would go on to form BOWLIO at the young age of 17, aiming to provide the sport with high-quality footwear combining high-quality materials from microfibers to supple Italian leather with precise German manufacturing standards. While BOWLIO has quickly become a household name in bowling centers across Europe, we are now finally able to offer our premium products to North American enthusiasts as well.

Almost 14 Years of Experience in Shoe Manufacturing

The year was 2003 – a time when the public perception of bowling had already shifted from being Al Bundy’s second-favorite pastime to its acceptance as a professional mainstream sport spearheaded by the likes of Walter Ray Williams. It was the right time for our founder, Giampiero Sirianni, to create Sirianni GmbH in Germany. After mainly manufacturing sports socks as a starting product, he soon followed his life-long passion by creating BOWLIO and teaming up with an experienced shoemaker’s business in Italy. The first high-quality shoes created by this partnership quickly bowled a perfect game in the nascent German scene.


Italian shoemaking expertise, German precision manufacturing and advanced BOWLIO shoe design together create some of the most advanced premium bowling shoes ever made.


Consequently, international professional bowling centers quickly noticed the great quality workmanship of BOWLIO shoes, ultimately allowing us to not only buy the Italian shoemaking factory in its entirety, but expand our business to exporting shoes, bags and bowling balls all over Europe as well.

The BOWLIO Premium Product Range

Today, our company sits firmly on the cutting edge of bowling footwear manufacturing in Europe. Our shoes are still fashioned from high-quality materials such as Italian leather, and our BOWLIO product range now includes 27 distinct models optimized for the different requirements of various bowling styles. Of course, we ensure that our products do not leave our factories until it is absolutely certain that they provide the fundamental aspects of a good bowling shoe:

  • A good fit
  • Ideal breathability
  • A reliable grip

Divided into the two series “classic” and “pro”, BOWLIO offers robust shoes for amateur enthusiasts and optimized premium models for professional bowlers alike.

However, we pride ourselves on not simply resting on our laurels. BOWLIO has funded major developments into various aspects of sports shoe technology, such as materials and the most effective stitching system. Today’s models are made of anything from microfiber to kangaroo leather. Notably, we offer some of the first completely vegan bowling shoe models without compromising the snug fit and robustness of leather soles by using highly advanced substitute materials.

Likewise, the BOWLIO manufacturing process does not employ any form of chemical leather curing. All materials used are premium natural resources. This does not only benefit the overall quality and longevity of BOWLIO shoes, but also their skin friendliness. The natural materials also allow our shoes to be cleaned with a very low risk of shrinkage.

Some of Europe’s Best Bowling Shoes – Now available in the US and Canada

After their great success in Europe, BOWLIO shoes are now given the chance to impress North American enthusiasts as well. Our products are shipped from inside the US, keeping delivery times short and costs low – allowing the North American bowling scene to benefit from the unique combination of German quality standards, Italian craftsmanship and tasteful European aesthetic design.


BOWLIO bowling shoes do not employ chemical curing and are even available as 100% vegan.


BOWLIO bowling shoes are the product of over a decade of manufacturing experience and the combination of some of the most advanced materials and manufacturing techniques available today. Bowling centers across Europe already swear by the premium footwear that is now poised to offer US and Canadian enthusiasts a truly high-quality bowling experience.