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Great material, wide cut and comfortable. Great bowling shoes!

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❤️ Bowling shoes where even the glue is vegan.

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Together with the matching bowling bag a super gift. 👍

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Bowling like the pros

Bowling requires two things above all: technology and the right equipment. While we can only help you with the technology to a limited extent, our range definitely has the right equipment for every bowler. Be it for beginners or professionals. From the right shoe to the ball in different sizes, you will always find the right equipment for the sport of bowling. Bowling like the pros – and at reasonable prices.

The right equipment for the best entertainment

Bowling is a trendy sport that hasn’t just been in vogue since “The Dude”. Classically cut bowling shirts, multi-coloured shoes and brightly coloured bowling balls reflect an attitude to life that leaves everyday stress at home. Everyone is the same on the track, trying to throw strike after strike. And with your own high-quality equipment, bowling will be much easier for you.

From shoes to bowling balls to carrying bags and important accessories, you’ll find everything a bowler’s heart desires. Whether wrist support or a cleaning cloth for your ball, which removes dirt and oil: We have everything you need for professional bowling:

Meanwhile, it’s not just professional tournament players who meet at the Bowling Center to throw a few strikes. Therefore, we also have the right products for beginners. Our balls are for example available in different weights and colours. So you will find the right clearing ball with the best running characteristics as well as your personal reactive ball with core, which allows you precision shots on the pins.

Another important factor is the shoes, which you will find in our assortment for both right-handed and left-handed players. Our bowling shoes offer you a firm grip with excellent gliding capabilities to keep you in control on the lane. With this equipment bowling becomes more than a recreational sport.